Solo Travel In Europe – The Best Cities To Travel By Yourself

Solo Travel

Whether you are a solo female traveler or a solo male traveler, traveling alone has become extremely popular. Nowadays, no one looks at you weirdly when you say you travel by yourself. When I went on my first solo trip 15 years ago, I felt out of place and people used to look surprised. Times have luckily changed.

And no other continent is as great for solo traveling as Europe. The continent is so compact with so many great cities to travel to that it is my first pick for solo traveling.

Public transportation is great, you can get around easily, it is generally safe, and there are so many amazing cities and sights that you will never get bored…. Okay, prices here tend to be higher than in Southeast Asia, but it has its perks.

So, whether you are looking for a trip around Europe or for just a weekend getaway – here are my tips for the best cities to travel solo in Europe.

Where to Go Solo in Europe? Here are the Best Cities in Europe for a Solo Trip

Let´s start with a crazy place first.


London is one of my first picks because it is so bustling, busy, and exciting that you will not have time to get bored. With so many sights and attractions, you can easily fill your itinerary with fun things to do.

London Eye at night - what a beauty.

Public transportation is also great and you don’t have to worry about using expensive cabs to get around. As in many other major cities, avoid side streets at night and watch your valuables. If you stay in a popular area that is close to main attractions – and probably close to a bus/tube station – you will be fine.


Yes, I know. Paris is known as a city for love birds – many say it is the most romantic city in the world. And while Paris is great for a trip with your partner, you can also have a wonderful trip to Paris by yourself.

Where to go in Paris

Paris is so compact and small that it is easy to get around and see many landmarks and attractions on foot. Public transportation is reliable and easy, so you don’t have to worry about getting around.

Paris is pretty, especially at night. So, to experience Paris at its best, stroll the city in the evening. When Paris lights up, it becomes absolutely stunning.

My tip: On average, the hotels in Paris tend to be worse than in many other major cities, so I recommend investing a bit more in a hotel that is close to the city center.


Zurich is one of my most favorite cities and absolutely amazing for solo female travelers. Zurich is a beauty – not as wild and exciting as other European capitals (well, Zurich is not the official capital of Switzerland, but kind of the unofficial), but still a beauty.

Where to go in Zurich Switzerland

Clean, surrounded by a pretty lake and lovely mountains, and safe. So, if you appreciate beautiful cities and safety is an issue (and you appreciate beauty), then Zurich is your place to go.

With its lovely old town, beautiful Lake Zurich, the many cafes and bars, and the house mountain (Uetliberg), it also offers fun attractions for a great weekend.

Zurich is one of the cities where I felt safe staying out at night and walking around as a solo traveler. Of course, common sense is important, but I felt safer than in cities like London or Paris.

However, accommodation prices in Zurich are insane. It’s tough when you cannot split hotel costs with anyone, but there are a few budget-friendly options.

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