Budget Travel: Places for Solo Travel in India

Solo Travel

Solo travel in India is a trend slowly finding its ground in the country. As the spending power, salaries and allowances of the youth of our country are steadily increasing, the young people out there have finally decided that spending money on travelling is far better than the other things they have been spending money on. So, before going globe-trotting alone to rediscover yourself, check out the places you can travel alone in Bhaarat Desh itself. Popularly know in India as ‘singles vacations’ or ‘holidays for singles’, India has a huge array of safe and surreal places to visit with all kinds of attractions- heritage, mountains, beaches, religious temples on top of mountains- you name it.


I know the name sounds like a 70’s movie villain but don’t fret- this place is actually the ‘Mini Switzerland of India’. A beautiful hill station in Chamba district, Himachal Pradesh, it is a rare combination of three ecosystems: lake, pasture and forest in one place. It’s a destination you cannot miss; it is also a destination which will convince your mind with dangerous thoughts like forsaking the city life for good. It is unmissable amongst the list of places to visit in Himachal Pradesh.


Gokarna is a historically known important Hindu pilgrimage in the Uttar Kannada district, Karnataka. While travelling alone many of us seek to attain peace of mind which our hectic life isn’t providing us, and Gokarna brings us just that. Plus, it’s a tourist hotspot with lots of beaches and beautiful, peaceful beaches are always an attraction; peaceful being the operative word. The biggest plus is the price of this place, which is cheaper than an hour spent at a mall.

Sandhan Valley

Ever gone trekking alone? No? Yes? I don’t know? Whatever the answer is, consider Sandhan Valley, also known as the ‘Valley of Shadows’ as a place you must visit. Not only is the trekking tough, you can totally live the thug life here by camping, rappelling and staying amidst stunning natural sites. It is one of the greatest canyons in the Sahyadri range, making it a great option for a one day trek around and near Mumbai. The gorge cut valley and canyon has been formed by the force of water rushing through it for a thousand years. The sun reaches the depths of the valley for only a few hours in a day, and hence it is mostly in shadow.

If you want the best of adventure trekking in India, then the Sandhan valley trek is ideal for you. The best part is- tents are optional, and in most cases not feasible. You will be camping in the open amidst canyons as high as 300 feet!


Look at this picture! How can you not want to go there? It’s like Narnia, only better! It’s called ‘Scotland of the East’ for a reason. It is the capital of the gorgeous Meghalaya, located in the East Khasi hills district, and has yet another very apt name: The abode of the clouds. Any guesses why?
Shillong city has rapidly developed from the 1970s onward, and is now known not only for its beauty, but its prolific The Shillong Times and the Shillong Chamber Choir!

Best reason to go alone? You won’t have to share your momos with anyone!


It is a truth universally acknowledged that North East India has the prettiest places in the world and Rumtek, Sikkim is one of the cherries on top. Rumtek also has a monastery (Dharmachakra Center) which must be visited especially during their week long pooja (happens every month) devoted to a specific deity. It is the largest Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Sikkim, and is the seat of the third highest monk in Tibetan Buddhism. It is at an elevation of 5000 feet, and is surrounded by lush green landscapes all around.

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